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Attracting people of all ages and fitness levels, the Pilates regime has become extremely popular worldwide. This form of non-impact exercise was designed by Joseph Pilates, a German nurse working in England in early 20th century. In 1926 Pilates emigrated to the United States and opened his first studio in New York. Athletes, dancers and actors flocked to the studio to reap the benefits of this new form of exercise.  Pilates believed in training the mind and body to work together towards the goal of overall fitness. Today, Pilates has become a major tool used by physiotherapists to treat shoulder, spine, hip, knee and ankle injuries as well as whiplash and post surgical patients.
Phil Newton is certified in Pilates and passes on its benefits to all appropriate clientele. Pilates is being utilised at Fit For Life because this method of exercise utilises the traditional rehabilitation principles of stability first and then mobility, and also emphasises postural alignment, body awareness and functional fitness. Those suffering from injury and also the fully fit learn how to use the appropriate muscles to perform the desired task, while maintaining correct posture and alignment. This leads to improved body alignment, resulting in a significantly reduced risk of injury and promotes a more speedy injury resolution.
Pilates is a new way for therapists to help patients eliminate pain, regain function and strength in a safe and efficient manner. Equipment is simple and inexpensive for the most part and you can enjoy Pilates at home when the basic movements are mastered.

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