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When Should You Attend For Physiotherapy

When should you attend for physiotherapy?

At Fit For Life Physiotherapy & Pilates we treat all age groups ranging from young children to seniors.
Putting it simply, if you experience any ache or pain throughout your body that is present for more than a day this is a warning sign to alert you that you have muscular tension and/or your body has become out of alignment, and the normal muscular and joint function has become altered. Quite often you may experience pain without any obvious cause, due to a slow and subtle change in your bodily function. This can occur over several months or even years. There are numerous causes for this including:
> A past injury such as an ankle sprain which alters the walking (gait) pattern which then causes foot, knee, hip or low back pain.
> Being left or right handed can create dominance throughout the muscular system on one side of the body leading to malalignment.
> Simple habits such as favouring one leg or arm with activities of daily living such as climbing stairs, bending and carrying bags etc.
Physiotherapy is helpful when you:
> Have arthritis affecting any of the joints of the body
> Have sustained a ligament tear (sprain), muscle tear (strain) or contusion (“cork”) 
> Suffer from foot, knee, hip or back pain
> Suffer from neck pain, headache or migraine
> Suffer from shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand pain
> Suffer from tendonitis, a muscle tear or contusion (“cork”)
> Play sport and suffer from pain during or after these activities
> Have a leg length difference or walk with a limp
> Suffer from aching or painful feet
> Have knock-knees or bowed legs
> Walk with “toe-out” or “pigeon toes”
> Have the soles of your shoes wearing unevenly
> Have Bunions or Corns (orthotics prescribed)
> Have suffered a stroke or other neurological disorder
> Have a cardiac condition or have had cardiac surgery
> Have undergone orthopaedic (musculoskeletal) surgery

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When Should You Attend For Physiotherapy
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